PJ Indo Map v 2.73 1.47

The new side of Indonesia fictional map with fresh nature and chalenging roads. It is the new parallel world of Indonesia.

-Adapted for 1.47
-fixed bugs

– Compatible for Euro Truck Simulator 2 patch 1.38 and above (1.39 open beta)
– MAJOR REBUILD over western part of south region/island (Part-1)
– Improved two exsiting cities in north island with new map assets
– Added A LOT of new map assets and models for this map (will be used for my next real Indonesia Map)
– Fixed some bugs

– Not require every map DLC’s (you can use this map with or without map DLC, even if you don’t have completed one).
– Compatible with so many add-on maps (for global map combos).
– This map can be switched into stand-alone map (see ReadMe for details)

Special thanks to:
SCS as game creator of ETS2 and ATS, some Indonesian modders for my ideas of new map models



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6 Comments on “PJ Indo Map v 2.73 1.47”

  1. great job.I like the map because the view is great, but unfortunately there are some mistakes that are annoying 🙄
    I tested these versions: 2.71 & 2.72. both have the same problems. Traffic on the left, traffic lights pointing the wrong way, missing textures next to buildings.
    Version 2.73: unfortunately there are major bugs 😳
    Here we have right hand traffic with traffic lights on the right side so better for me than left hand traffic.
    while driving on the highway and other roads the road disappears unexpectedly and on the highway it was very annoying that I was driving at night and suddenly it becomes pitch black and I was driving with a reflector so the road disappears in the pitch dark.. in the road lane unexpected objects are obstacles that I can not avoid I crash into and damage the car.. I was surprised that this map is placed in the middle of Africa on the big map..

  2. Dear bro, iam using volvo bus mod in your esteemed map version 2.65, but i cant able to pass through the tolls in the map. So i kindly request you to fix the bug please.

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