Project Caucasus

Project Caucasus v0.9 Beta

Version 1.0a 1.45x
-Some small bug fixes
-Compatibility for 1.45x

Version 1.0a 1.44x
-Some small bug fixes
-Compatibility for 1.44x

Changelog v1.0a
– Small bug fixes
– Added a “Numbers Station” in the style of famous UVB-76. Don’t stop here. Just drive. This is NOT a numbers station. This station doesn’t even exist!

In version 1.0: adaptation for 1.39
Road connection between Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan via Russia!
Most of the road runs along a real projection with intersections, partially bad roads, sections along the Caspian sea coast, post-Soviet villages, and finally cities!
In future versions, after scaling the southern region, you will be able to drive to Volgograd.
Need maps RoEx, Project Turkey, The Great Steppe

Version v0.9a:
– bug fixes
– minor cosmetic changes
– added Xacmaz (AZ) and Derbent (RU)

Need maps RoEx, Project Turkey, The Great Steppe



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