RusCentry Map v 1.7a 1.49

RusCentry Map 1.46

The rusCentryMap project brings the following changes and edits:

5 new cities:


(work in progress)

-Novy Toryal (work in progress)
-Sernur (work in progress)

By project

Detailed study of the terrain
Custom objects
Construction on panoramas and satellite images
Correct backing and joining of the card.

the following bugs have been fixed:

– Overlap of all companies in relation to other cards and default

RusCentryMap FIX

Fixes def file issues in RusCentryMap.

RusCentryMap-SibirMap Road Connection
This mod fixes sector conflicts and adds a simple road between the areas included in RusCentryMap and SibirMap respectively.

Changelog 1.7a

-Compatibility for 1.49


zolotarev vyacheslav

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  1. Автор, допили мод чтобы работало с Кировом и другими картами. Это же решаемо.

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