Skill ReSpec Terminal V1.0

Skill ReSpec Terminal V1.0

Provides a terminal that you can use to ReSpec your skill points. Refund a specific category or everything.


Start by making a save outside The Lodge before installing the mod. If you install it while in The Lodge you cannot interact with the terminal until leaving and returning.

Since plugin files (.esm) are not able to be loaded by the game directly without trouble this requires Plugins.txt enabler by Nukem. Which also requires Starfield Script Extender (SFSE) for Steam users or ASI loader for Gamepass users.

If you’re using ModOrganizer2 I have put a sticky post up with information on what is necessary to get that to manage plugins using the plugins.txt file.

If you’re using Vortex I have stickied a post from batfox123 explaining how to do it. I don’t use Vortex so if you have issues with installation from there, I can’t really help you.

Getting Started

There is a permanent placed terminal in the basement at The Lodge. It is on the wall under the weapon rack immediately to your right after you come down the stairs.

You interact with the terminal and choose which category of skills to refund. If you choose the “Everything” option it will take a few seconds to do its work before proceeding to the completion notice. All of the other single category options are pretty quick.

There is currently no cost to refund your points.

Reapplying a point to a previously acquired skill does not require you to do any rank up progression challenges that you may have already done.

Known Limitations:
Due to the limits in the Papyrus script system, and the way I had to implement things to check ranks. This mod can only handle up to 128 combined total ranks in a given skills category+group. This means that Basic Science can only have a total of 128 ranks between all possible skills in that set. Advanced Science is a whole different set. The base game only has 20 for the highest groups at 4 ranks per skill with 5 skills in the group. So there should be plenty of room if you don’t go too crazy.
Removal of this mod, or any extension that adds support for refunding 3rd party skills is not supported. There is no facility to make removal of any of that “safe” at any point.

Known Issues:
Refunding skills that were granted through quest progression or other means besides skill points will refund skill points. However if rank challenges were not completed, then re-acquiring those skills/ranks will require completing the rank challenges.



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