Starfield Performance BOOST V1v6

Starfield Performance BOOST V1.0

Modification It is intended to improve performance in such a way that there is no change in the rendering quality of the game.
Depending on the hardware, the performance gain will be between 5% and 15%. I decided to address all the available options in the game, so that for each of the settings to balance the performance of the game anew. This means that anyone can now squeeze out more FPS without seeing a drop in graphical quality, no matter what settings they use! From minimum to ultra!

Add requested option ALL IN ONE!

After unzipping the selected settings, all you need to do is paste them into the game’s main directory and replace them. The original backup files are included.

If your settings are “mixed” such as ULTRA + HIGH or HIGH + MEDIUM. Please download the appropriate files then, i.e., for example, “Set Ultra” and “Set High”.

After installing/replacing the files, please in the game meny (the first launch after installing the modification) change the game options to other than the target and set the correct ones again. This will allow the game to overwrite the new settings….


A100N vito74m

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