Winchester Model 1873 V1.0

Winchester Model 1873 V1.0

– This mod replaces the Lancaster Repeater.
– The replacement is fully customisable, through weapon components, metal tints, varnishes and wood grains.
– Animations are now applicable to edited weapon models, thanks to LeBakou, meaning that this model has functioning animations.
– No .asi script, meaning that NPCs can use it.
– If you don’t want to sacrifice your beloved Lancaster in such a way, there’s a possibility that I will be merging this mod with Munitions, which adds the Model 1873 as its own weapon entry.
– Custom models (new stock, new frame) made by me

Toss into lml. Check for file conflicts. If file conflicts are visible, give this mod load order priority .



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zip Winchester Model 1873-1-0 3 MB
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