Munitions – Weapon Overhaul and Firearm Rebalance V2.0

Munitions - Weapon Overhaul and Firearm Rebalance V1.1

Changes the weapon system to be realistic in movement, reload, damage falloff and many more, with accurate historical naming, and gun systems.

What this mod does
This mod changes the gun system, and general looting of ammunition. Striving for realism and compatibility for Skirmish and Fettle. With realistic ammo, offering different ways to play and to plan what you’d like to compromise, and makes progression in the story help your guns to be more powerful. It also changing general looting of coaches, bodies, and abandoned shacks and other structures to be filled with the new realistic and custom ammo. Lore rebuilt to fit real life, with custom icons, compendium, and more. And the biggest aspect, new weapons to make the firearm world of Red Dead Redemption II diverse.

List of general changes
Changes every aspect of the vanilla weapons, reload, accuracy, damage falloffs, and more
Adds new guns, and applies realistic and custom ammunition for all guns
Redoes the naming for every gun to be accurate towards real life naming
Also changes misc. guns (rare, gunslinger, and gang weapons) and renames them towards the model and their personalization
Adds custom models for custom weapons and gives them realistic logos.
Catalog changes with custom descriptions and accurate brands including Colt, Remington, Springfield, and more.
The Munitions script adds multiple realism, with 2 new game mechanics, and custom affects on the player when shooting special guns.
When looting bodies, you will get custom ammo, and custom ammo will be available across the open world
Custom metal, enhanced gun VFX, and diverse loadouts for gangs, law, and roaming NPCs.

Most Reworked Weapons
Colt Single Action Army (Cattleman)
Smith & Wesson Model 3 (Schofield)
The Henry Rifle (Litchfield)
Spencer 1865 (Carbine Repeater)
Krag Rifle (Bolt Action Rifle)
Carcano M31 ( Carcano Rifle)
Remington 1867 (Rolling Block Rifle)
Colt 1878 Hammer (Double Barreled Shotgun)
Winchester M1897 (Pump Action Shotgun)

A Very Tiny List of Custom Weapons (Not all custom weapons are listed)
Colt Bisley
Remington 1875
New Model 3
Winchester Centennial
Mauser 98
Colt Lightning
Silenced Rifle
Silenced Pistol
Duke M1911 (Merge)

What the Script Does
Adds a weapon weight system
Realistic stamina drain when aiming your gun for too long
Holding f will cause no weapon sway, as the player holds their breath for a short moment
Henry Repeater will start to get hot as firing more shots, and will burn the player’s hands (gloves will protect you)
Due to the pressure of the sawed-off shotgun, shooting will cause damage to your hand

Realistic Worn Metals Merge
To install properly, make sure to go to the Realistic Worn Metals mod page, and download the Munitions merge. There are two versions, my metals with the worn metals, and Praiseaidan’s metals with his worn metals. Choose one, not both, and follow the directions

Colt 1911 Merge
To install properly, go to the Colt 1911 mod page, and download the merge, and follow the directions.

Colt Python Merge
To install properly, go the Colt Python mod page, and download the merge, and follow the directions

Flintlock Merge
To install properly, go the Flintlock mod page, and download the merge, and follow the directions

Drag LML and Munitions.asi to your Red Dead Redemption II Directory (Where the RDR2.exe is)



Wocky and Friends

Ked29 for enduring my stupidity and struggles, and making a weapon guide and modeling guide.
Tuffy for making the amazing script for me with new mechanics.
Notbakou for making most of the models, and help with a heap of issues.
André for telling me how to make the weapon pages, and the merge.
Krissy for making the Model 10 and many grip variations. along with his FN M1903.
WickedHorseMan for giving me some info which pushed this project, and general info on custom ammo, and better customization menus. And for making 1899 Firearms, which gave me a foundation for this mod.
SomeRandomAnnoyance for giving me research on every gun included in this mod.
Praiseaidan for helping me with gun metals and for moral support.
Bigmankug for making the thumbnail for this mod.

Download mod

File File size
zip Munitions-2-00 166 MB
zip Munitions-1-1 142 MB
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