Munitions Compatibility Hub V1.1

Munitions Compatibility Hub V1.1

Compatibility Hub for Munitions, EEE and WhyEm’s DLC.

What this catalog merge does?
This RDR2 modification merges three different catalog mods into one, the mods being:

Munitions – Weapon Overhaul and Gun Rebalance;
WhyEm’s DLC(over 1800 items);
Eastern’s Epic Extras(over 400 items);

Most items were selected on the intention to get rid of items that would not fit with both playable characters, avoid clipping in general if possible and avoid bloating the catalog too much.

What are the main features?

Modular Weapon Equipment, possibility to save outfits without vital components(primary holster, off-hand holster, gunbelt, satchel, etc…);
Player wardrobe menu organization;
Restored John Marston’s beta features(head and body);
All horses unlocked from the start of Story Mode; – Coming at a later date.

Munitions – Weapon Overhaul and Firearm Rebalance
Lenny’s Mod Loader


andr3 and friends
Notbakou - Creative ideas and Richard’s Coat;
Sir Joseph Windsor - Editing support for expressions;
KristianD3 – Header Image and TBA;
WickedHorseMan - Editing support;
Wocky - Munitions and merging permissions;
WhyEm - WhyEm’s DLC and merging permissions;
Eastern - EEE and merging permissions;

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