ScriptHookRDR2 V2 V1.1.1

ScriptHookRDR2 V2 V1.6

A working ScriptHook for the latest game patch. Build 1491.17
Featuring a modern native user interface, to smartly manage your Scripts

No loading checkpoint bug!
Working Game Pools!
Open Key Interface: F12

To use the below listed exports, link the provided library in your project!

New Features:
1. Added native: DRAW_LINE
How to use:
void DRAW_LINE(float fromX, float fromY, float fromZ, float toX, float toY, float toZ, int r, int g, int b, int a) { invoke(0xec2ab68b,fromX,fromY, fromZ, toX, toY, toZ, r, g, b, a); } // 0xec2ab68b
Add this line to your natives.h file.

2. Added native: SET_TEXT_FONT
How to use:
void SET_TEXT_FONT(int fontType) { invoke(0x3EDE2F10, fontType); } // 0x3EDE2F10
Add this line to your natives.h file.

How to use:
/* 0=Center,1=Left,2=Right */
void SET_TEXT_JUSTIFICATION(int justifyType) { invoke(0x1B929974, justifyType); } // 0x1B929974
Add this line to your natives.h file.

4. Added export: getStaticPtr (called Locals in the decompiled scripts)
Add this line to your main.h file:
DLL_IMPORT uint64_t* getStaticPtr(const char* scriptName, int staticIndex);

uint64_t* static = getStaticPtr(“script_name” 12345);
LOG(*static)// to read
*static = 0xCOFFEEBABE// to write

5. Added export: switchLabel (Switch text labels from the game with your own, this will allow you to provide your custom text in input boxes)
Add this line to your main.h file:
DLL_IMPORT void switchLabel(const char* oldLabel, const char* newLabel);

6. Added export: getCommandFromHash (Returns a pointer to the command of the provided hash)
Add this line to your main.h file:
DLL_IMPORT void* getCommandFromHash(uint64_t hash);

Unload/Load Mods Keybind: END



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