Colt 1911 Semi Automatic Pistol V3.0.2.1

Colt 1911 Semi Automatic Pistol V2.0

This mod brings the Colt 1911 to the game by removing the M1899.

You can find a customized page for the Duke (Colt) M1911 at the SD gunsmith, and you can then wield it on your adventures. Be aware that this mod has some problem such as :
-Not compatible with dual wield
-Cannot be customized (at the gunsmith, the M1899 will show instead)

The mod soon will have weapon power editing aswell as an 1899 firearms merge.
I hope you enjoy. The comments will be open for two weeks and I will close them after, unless the amount of retardation is under average

Requires: Lenny’s Mod Loader

hotfix for lml <11. Read the readme if you have lml 11 Version 3.0.2 Fixed the (overdue) flickering Glitch Reorganized the lml folder so it should work with any version of lml Version 3.0.1 Mod is now compatible with pre v11 lml (thanks to krissy) Version 3.0 The gun is now animated, thanks to the absolute chad SgtJoe. The text description at the gunsmith is now accurate to the one on the page itself. Now textures use the right normal and material maps. Removed the longer Muzzle because it was useless and I'm too lazy to remake the model for it Version 2.2 Fixed material application on the shorter muzzle Version 2.1 Now added optional short muzzle [/spoiler] Credits:


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