Shetland (SFIG map) Promods 2.63 Addon v 0.6 1.46

Shetland Promods v2.62 Addon 0.1 fixed cities for 1.45

The map does contain much of new cities in Faroe islands , Shetland Islands and Greenland!

Map is alpha/beta 0.4 so some things can work not properly.

To play map:

-Download Promods Mod

*map does need all map dlc’s , why? cause promods used it and it does have much of good models to use and improve goods.*

-Place mod above promods files.


-Sometimes game can crash while starting game in the Lerwick , companies can not work properly but ill fix it in next versions.

Data: Lerwick,Grutness,Sandness,Brae and in future Toft , Ulsta,Burravoe ,Mid Yell ,Gloup .

ferry: Grutness – Stromness (future Toft-Ulsta and Toft-Torshavn*)

*This version fixed no-cities , cause some errors occoured.*

Patch update 1.46 and Promods 2.63

Several dozen new cities
18 new ferries
Companies and default cargoes
For work you need a card Promods 2.63

Changelogs v0.5.2
Fixed some small bugs
Fixed crashes with Poland Rebuilding

Changelogs v0.5.1 beta
– Map crashes with PR , this version should repair some errors and bugs.
– Also Logo , companies updated

v0.5 (1.1)
Fixed Crash for Countries.
Canada , Greenland , Suðuroy , Sandoy , Shetland.

Changelog: Added New cities.



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