Tregion Map v 0.1

Tregion Map v0.1

Tregion Map v0.1

Tregion Map v0.1

Hi community,

Tregion 0.1 is finally released! What do you need to play the map? Where can you download it? Read it all here!

Which DLC’s do I need for the map?

You need: Going east, Scandinavia, France and Italia for the map to work. If you don’t have the DLC’s then you can’t use the map. It will crash!

Do I need a new profile for this map?


Is this map compatible with ProMods or other Europe map mods?

No. The map is on a standalone scale of 1:2 which means that the map isn’t compatible with other maps.


Tregion team

Tregion Map v 0.1
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