Tregion Map v 0.1.2

Tregion Map v0.1

Tregion Map v0.1

Tregion Map v0.1

Standalone Dutch map
Scale of 1:2
Mainly fixed bugs.
There are 2 new area’s visible from old sections which are Zevenhuizen and Utrecht-Oudenrijn.

Hi community,

Tregion 0.1 is finally released! What do you need to play the map? Where can you download it? Read it all here!

Which DLC’s do I need for the map?

You need: Going east, Scandinavia, France and Italia for the map to work. If you don’t have the DLC’s then you can’t use the map. It will crash!

Do I need a new profile for this map?


Is this map compatible with ProMods or other Europe map mods?

No. The map is on a standalone scale of 1:2 which means that the map isn’t compatible with other maps.


Tregion team

Tregion Map v 0.1.2
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