Western Africa v 0.03 1.47

Western Africa 1.45

The map contains small portion of Ghana, Mauritania and Equatorial Guinea.

Development has been stopped so this map will not receive any updates. It will only be updated so it will be compatible with new versions of the game. You’ve probably seen this map somewhere, this from now on will be the official download link since I have permissions from Boberowsky, the main developer, because the map was abandoned. Many issues and bugs have been fixed.

– 3 new countries – Mauritania, Gana, equatorial Guinea;
– 11 new cities;
– African landscapes;
– communication with a standard map through steam;
– It was not checked for compatibility with other maps.

For work, all DLC maps are needed.


Beta testers of map:
Beta testers of the rebuild:

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7z West_Africa_v0.2_FIXED_EXTRACT 154 MB
rar West_Africa_v0.03_UNPACK 155 MB
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2 Comments on “Western Africa v 0.03 1.47”

  1. Hey! It is compatibility ets2 with other map mods! I used this map with Rusmap, JRR Map, The great steppe, and Road to asia, and Road to Africa! All map mods and ETS2 was tested 1.47! Sorry for my poor and silly, dumb english 🙁

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