Worlds Combined Background Map 1.46 v 1.1

Worlds Combined Background Map 1.46 v1.1

This map is originally based – with Credits to DOWL and ProMods – on DOWL’s ProMods Complete Afroeurasia Background Map:

This map is meant to be used in combination and compatible with Scale Hack Disable, ProMods, PM Middle East, Project Caucasus, AZGE, RoExtended, RusMap, VolgaMap, Southern Region, SibirMap, Road to Asia, The Great Steppe and further additional maps like Swedish Island Map Wombat, Rhodes, Mediteranian Expansion, Viva Malta, Project Balkans, Finnmark, JRR and probably a few more.

I recommend to use a “Full Screen Map” mod. For JRR use the default DEF, not the ProMods targeted.

Support for 1.46



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