AI ETS2 Global Trailes Rckps v 1.1 For 1.36.x

AI ETS2 Global Trailes Rckps v 1.0 For 1.36.x

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Hello guys. A while ago, I decided to start creating a pack of trailers for global companies around the world that appear in traffic. I have recovered some old mods from fellow Fredy and Pinkfloyds. Reviewing the paintings they had, I have started to create this pack, re-editing many of the old paintings and adapting them with Photoshop for the new versions 1.36 of the two Simulators.

These 30 initial paintings are quite simple, but in the future they will be expanded to more companies, and much more worked paintings. In fact I am already working on the continuation of this mod.


It includes closed box trailers that appear in traffic, with 30 different paintings, with logos of different companies, which include a total of 28 Global companies.

List of companies added:
ABB, Absolut Vodka, Adidas, Aquarius, Continental, E Lclerc,
Eomega Pilzno, GLS, Guinnes, HAKULL, Hamburg Süd, Kapycevb,
Kfc, Klotz, Kluber, Komenka, Kool Trans, Mahou, Media Markt,
Milka, Nabek, Nacex, Norbert Dentressangle, Paschal,
Pharma & Contents, Pollock Scotrans LTD, Reb Lobster, Varta.

Changes in 1.1:
Added 70 new skins (20 new for closed box, 50 for canvas trailers).
New companies added: 67


Textures: Fredy, Pinkfloyds, Rockeropasiempre.
Author: Rockeropasiempre

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