Pack adds in traffic 46 new models of buses with over 1500 skins (Setra, Neoplan, Volvo, Man, Mercedes-Benz, Ikarus, Scania, Ayats, Irizar, Temsa, Irisbus, Jelcz, Karosa, Caetano, Optare).
All standalone, works on any maps.
Compatible with all my packs.
Tested on version 1.50.x

Version 18.1.1 – update for patch 1.50



4.2/5 - (70 votes)

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zip bus_traffic_pack_by_Jazzycat_v18.1.1 479 MB
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10 Comments on “BUS TRAFFIC PACK BY JAZZYCAT v 18.1.1”

  1. do mod dont works i download the mod extract add to ets and still dont works , ets doesnt show me the buses to buy

    1. The Bus traffic mod is for AI traffic only, if installed correctly, the mod adds the buses to the in game traffic. However, you cannot buy the buses in the EST2 Truck Showrooms. Their are several other drivable bus mods on Allmods.net that are really good and drivable, but usually not the mods that are designed for AI Traffic.

  2. Hello Jazzycat,
    Can you make a traffic pack off city buses in the dutch?
    I see only great buses from difrent country’s but not from the netherlands.
    I hope you can make it.
    Thanks and youre work is great.

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