Star Wars – Alternate Start V1.0

Star Wars - Alternate Start V1.0

Skip the intro mission and choose between a variety of starting locations and loadouts with character creation

YOU MUST DOWNLOAD “SKK Fast Start New Game 006” FIRST. This will not work on the latest 007 version. This mod must overwrite that mod.

This mod does not include any Star Wars armor, planet renames, etc. It is simply the same as the original mod but with renamed loadouts/locations and equipment changes for the loadouts. Check out my page for more Star Wars mods

This mod assumes that:
Akila = Dantooine
Freestar = Rebel Alliance
UC = Empire
Jemison = Coruscant
Neon = Nar Shaddaa
Cydonia = Geonosis

All the starter equipment assumes you have Star Wars themed replacer mods. Some are unreleased such as the Smuggler Set and will be featured in my Star Wars Genesis modlist. Stay tuned for V3 in the next coming days



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