SKK Fast Start New Game V0.10

SKK Fast Start New Game

Fast Start New Game bypasses the Argos-Atlantis tutorials starting new and NG+ games from Lodge, Cydonia, Akila, Neon, Den or random location with full character configuration and some loadout choices in less than 60 seconds. All this with ZERO BASE GAME SCRIPT HACKS for stable conflict free games.

With the mod loaded any new new games will automatically start from Atlantis Spaceport (NG+ starts on Starborn ship) to pop configuration menus for start location, loadout and character generation. Do the main quest again or create your own narratives in an Open Universe:

Start Location

0. Start from Atlantis Spaceport.
1. Start from Lodge
2. Start from Cydonia.
3. Start from Akila City.
4. Start from Neon City.
5. Start from the Den.
6. Start from a random exterior map marker.


0. Default Argos miner new game loadout.
1. Argos miner loadout.
2. UC Marine Loadout.
3. Freestar Ranger Loadout.
4. Neon Thug Loadout.
5. Custom Loadout.
6. Keep Starborn suit & ship (NG+ only)


1. Join Constellation [ *No:0 | Yes:1 | Disable:2 ]

Option – Loadouts

Option (1) is similar to option (0) but is in an xEditable Formlist for customisation. In an NG+ game option (6) will keep the Starborn suit and ship, any other pick will replace them with that loadout and your less ugly* Fronteer ship.

Option – Join Constellation

This option is disabled during any of the 10 NG+ alternate universe variant starts which mess about with the Constellation quest line and actors.

NO:0 Does nothing to the joining Constellation triggers so you can choose to run the full base game Constellation quest line or not. This is the “totally base game main quest compatible” mode.

YES:1 Automatically joining Constellation sets location to Lodge as it must happen there, so if you change location this resets back to NO. It automatically completes quests MQ101 “One Small Step” and FFLodge01 “Board and Lodging” so you can get going. This is the “mostly base game main quest compatible” mode (just incase unknown unknowns come to light) .

DISABLE:2 Disables the Constellation main quest line to enable all companions: Sarah, Barrett, Sam and Andreja in the Lodge. Lin and Heller are available as elite crew on Vectera. This is the “I can’t be arsed to do the main quest again but may want idiot companions around Open Universe” blank(ish) canvas mode for your imagination. All of the other faction and side quests are still available.

Quality of life enablers in all conditions

Vasco is available as elite crew/follower in the Lodge hallway.

Player gets a Lodge key to unlock the basement.

Install this mod before starting a new game. It is 100% new content and makes no changes to any existing content. As it does not touch any other stuff in your save-game, it has no load order needs (but as a lite flagged master it will force itself to the top anyway).

Copy SKKFastStartNewGame.esm and SKKFastStartNewGame – Main.BA2 to your …\Starfield\Data directory and add to Plugins.txt, or use a mod manger or however you organise. Even though some may get lucky, SKK does not support the removal of any CreationEngine mod from an active savegame. Those who know, know.

Validate installation in a running game

To validate scripts console [ cgf “SKK_FSNGQuestScript.GetVersion” 1 ]
To validate the ESM console [ help SKK_FSNGQuest 4 quest ]

Quality & Compatibility

(1) This is 100% new forms and scripts. As it does not modify any base game content at all, the likelyhood of it CAUSING conflict is zero. If you have issues, best start with your stuff that does hack the base game or configures odd settings.

(2) Installing mods disables achievements.

Associated Solutions

To trigger an NG+ new game start at any time use Shutdown Constellation enable companions trigger NG.

To start a new new or NG+ game as a Pirate at the Key use Crimson Start New Game, but it cant be active in your load order at the same time as this. Obviously they will both try to take control of the new game start sequence, but they will detect that comedy and warn you.

Known Issues

(1) Sometimes on an NG+ variant start the Fast Start option menu does not display after the chargen screen and player controls are locked. Reload the last autosave and the menu … just appears (its a UI rendering glitch).

(2) STARTUP STOP CODES: if Fast Start is unable to validate the game state when it first loads in a new game, or it is loaded into an existing game it will display a stop code message and shutdown. Be aware that the mouse may be game disabled when the message shows so use the [ E ] key to close. This is what the stop codes mean:

[ 1 ] New new game start GlobalVariable MQ101Debug is not set to 8 (a hard edit by the ESM).
[ 2 ] New new game start the player is over Level 2.
[ 3 ] New new game start quest MQ101 character generation state 105 has already been completed.
[ 4 ] New new game start quest MQ101 has passed stage 1510 in the Lodge.
[ 5 ] New new game start Player is not in Cell NewAtlantisSpaceport03.
[ 6 ] not used.
[ 7 ] NG+ game start quest MQ101 is not at stage 0 or stage 2000.
[ 8 ] NG+ game start player is not on MQPlayerStarbornShipREF.



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