Daniel’s Random Events v 1.3.2 1.38

Daniel’s Random Events v1.0

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You can see them listed below:

No Event
1 Accident (Rare Plane)
2 Accident (Rare 2)
3 Accident (Rare 3)
4 Accident (Rare 4)
5 Accident (Rare 5)
6 Accident (Main)
7 Accident (Main 2)
8 Accident (Main 3)
9 Accident (Main 4)
10 Accident (Cargo)
11 Accident (Cargo 2)
12 Accident (Cargo 3)
13 Accident (German)
14 Accident (German 2)
15 Accident (German 3)
16 Accident One Lane
17 One Lane Inside
18 Recovery Inside Lane
19 Recovery Outside Lane
20 Recovery Inside Lane (NO CONES)
21 Recovery Outside Lane (NO CONES)
22 Recovery Hard Shoulder
23 Breakdown Inside Lane
24 Breakdown Outside Lane

Some of these are tweaked versions of ones originally created by SCS
that i have tweaked to improve them.

Others are completely new ones that i have created myself.

All of my events feature different levels of rarity depending on the event so
some events you will see more often than others.

The various tweaks i have made include:
– Improved pre-warning for the player.
– Improved use of cones to make events more realistic.
– Improved vehicle placement to make events more realistic.
– This is only the first version of this mod, and there are several ideas about other options



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