JBX Graphics 3 Gold v 2.4

JBX Graphics 3 Gold v1.3

JBX Graphics 3 load order

Improved Graphics and Weather mods for ATS / ETS2 with 105 New high resolution sky textures [16384×4096], better lighting and other additional improvements for a better gaming experience.

Tested on game version 1.46-1.50

4K roads, prefabs: Default, ProMods(FLD), Poland Rebuilding.
4K lines, dividing lines, arrows: Default, ProMods(FLD), Poland Rebuilding
4K road barriers, bumpers
4K curbs
Sidewalks: Default, ProMods(FLD), Poland Rebuilding
Road signs
Vegetation Textures Vegetation Textures- Vegetation Textures
Facilities (shops, gas stations, etc.) Default, ProMods(FLD), Poland Rebuilding.


– 105 New High Resolution Sky Textures [4K/8K]
– Better Dawn and Dusk
– Better Rain and Overcast
– Better Wetting and Drying
– Better Cloud Shadow
– Better Transition
– Better Lighting
– Better Auto Exposure
– Better Contrast
– Better Color Saturation

Changelog v2.4 [13-5-2024]

-Cloud shadow and Color saturation improvements.
-Updated files: NWEATHER.
-Adapted for 1.50


New/Compatibility – ETS2 v1.49
WEATHER – New Lighting improvements.
OTHER – Fix dead end DLC

-Fixed sun’s textures
-Updated for 1.48


-Fixed bugs with dlcs
-Update for 1.47
-Updated and fix of sun’s texture


Justin Bruno

3.9/5 - (125 votes)
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56 Comments on “JBX Graphics 3 Gold v 2.4”

  1. Friendly warning, 2.4 version for 1.50 in ATS gives you kernelbase error.
    It has a “legitimacy” protection and will crash your game.

      1. I installed the mod, there is no problem when I enter the game, but when I start the mission and press the drive button, it crashes.

  2. Eu acredito que depois da 1.48 eles não vão conseguir mais atualizar pra gente esse mod na versão 2.0

  3. Indeed, since the transition to, the mod “0 [NSHALO] JBX Graphics 3 v1.9 for ETS2 [1.48.X]” no longer works, at least, it is no longer compatible. Don’t download anything if you are in 1.49.? since the latter will be incompatible…

  4. The mod is working %100

    “What I did”
    0.) Download only – JBX Graphics 3 v1.8_1_48 5 GB

    1.) Delete that 1 file that is incompatible
    2.) Make sure you disable “Timezones”
    3.) Go To Options/Gameplay/ scrown down a little you’ll see
    “Timezones” set it to “Desabled”

    Your Done,
    Now say Thank You 🙂

    1. Unfortunately, the mod does not work properly on version 1.48. I did as you wrote. The game loads but after a few miles it crashes to the desktop. The longest I rode was 150 km. The mod is set to load last. I didn’t have any other graphics or weather mods added. I’m playing on the promods map. Previously for version 1.47 I also had the Promods map and the Poland map and all 7 JBX 3 files worked and never once threw me to the desktop.

  5. It’s not all there? The newest version doesn’t even have all the files from the mod load list. Please upload all the files

  6. Please work on rainy weather. Why there are shadows when it’s raining, there is a bit of sunlight. It’s shouldn’t be like that I guess. I’m using ets2 1.47

    1. Actually if the rain happens with sun friend. And it’s also pretty. That effect is very well carried out in this mod. It usually happens when you’re getting out of the rain in the afternoon, or when it’s starting to rain in the afternoon. In my country, this climatic situation happens very often.

  7. Please! We need a solution at game time. In my game the sun rises at 10 p.m. and it gets dark at 2 p.m. 😐

    1. Make sure you disable “Timezones”
      Go To Options/Gameplay/ scrown down a little you’ll see
      “Timezones” set it to “Desabled”

  8. Missing file there’s 7 when their should be 8..

    Rain doesn’t work at all and vegetation file is non existent, i really wish you’d
    double check what your uploading the mod isn’t even complete its missing alot
    of content.

  9. this 1.47 compatible file is needed 👇🏼
    _3_ADDON_JBX Graphics 3 v1.7 Real Time and Default Map Scale 1.1 for ETS2 [1.46.x].scs

  10. Do we move all mods from the folder as normal and launch or is there something different to be done? because it crashes and a white screen comes while loading.

    1. Hi Everyone this is the load order for ATS I know about mods and test everything b4 I reply
      top of mod list
      Bottom of mod list
      All the BX Graphics mod have a # and that’s the order
      don’t use the other #s for ATS
      hope this helps

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