Star Wars Bounty Hunter Pack (Boba Fett and Friends) V1.0

Star Wars Bounty Hunter Pack (Boba Fett and Friends) V1.0

Adds 3 standalone outfits from famous Bounty Hunters of the Star Wars Universe: Boba Fett, Dengar and Fennec Shand

Bounty Hunters. We don’t need their scum…

Well, actually we do. And here is another mod that brings back three of the most fearsome Bounty Hunters of the Star Wars Universe. Happy revenge of the 5th everyone!

What you get:
Boba Fett’s Original Trilogy armor craftable as spacesuit (helmet, spacesuit, cape and jetpack)
Dengar’s outfit craftable as spacesuit (spacesuit, backpack and a mask to breath in space – thanks to zone79 for letting me use his assets)
Fennec Shand’s outfit from the Book of Boba Fett series craftable as spacesuit (helmet, spacesuit and jetpack)

All spacesuits are craftable at the industrial workbench.

The outfits are designed for “normal” people in mind. So if you are playing a very very bulky/fat character, you may get some clipping.

There are no apparel versions of the outfits. Spacesuits only. The clothes had some strange clipping going on and I would have had to change them a lot in their proportions (especially Fennec). So I decided to only go for the spacesuits.

I tried my best to avoid clipping but it wont look 100% perfect here and there.If I find a solution to make it look better, I of course will do so. Until then, I hope Star Wars fans will enjoy it despite its little flaws.

Use a mod manager. Use Plugin.txt Enabler.

Manual Installation:
Extract the zip file to “\Documents\My Games\Starfield\”
or if using Bakas “Disable MyGames folder” extract it to your “Data” folder where Starfield is installed.
If you don’t already have done so, please make a “StarfieldCustom.ini” or edit if it already exist in “\Documents\My Games\Starfield\” folder with the following:



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