Boba Fett 1313 (Star Wars) V1.0

Boba Fett 1313 (Star Wars) V1.0

Adds a standalone Boba Fett spacesuit designed on base of the concept art for the canceled Star Wars 1313 game

Boba Fett? Boba Fett? Where?
You still know that Star Wars 1313 game we got a teaser over a decade ago? The one that got canceled by LucasArts/Disney?
Maybe you forgot about it and now you remember which makes you wanna kill me. But wait.
Here we are in 2024 and we bring you the Star Wars 1313 Boba Fett armor into Starfield.
Based on some concept art, ShootTheGringo/TyranEauZooRusseRex designed an awesome 3D model which now comes alive and lets you play as the designated protagonist of the Star Wars 1313 game.

What you get:
Boba Fett 1313 Armor
Advanced Boba Fett 1313 Armor
Boba Fett 1313 Helmet
Custom Boba Fett 1313 Hat
Boba Fett 1313 Jetpack
Long cape

All spacesuits/clothes are craftable at the industrial workbench.

The outfits are designed for “normal” people in mind. So if you are playing a very very bulky/fat character, you may get some clipping. Watch you nose for that helmet, too and make it a little bit smaller if it clips through.

You can craft two different armors: The Boba Fett 1313 Armor and the Advanced Boba Fett 1313 Armor.
The advanced armor has slightly better stats and the additional wrist armor/weapons.
You can also choose between s shorter sidecape and a long cape.
If you are in town, you can choose to switch to a new hat that is designed after the SWTOR gunslinger hat or still use your helmet like a true Mandalorian would.

I tried my best to avoid clipping but it wont look 100% perfect here and there.If I find a solution to make it look better, I of course will do so. Until then, I hope Star Wars fans will enjoy it despite its little flaws.

Use a mod manager. Use Plugin.txt Enabler.

Manual Installation:
Extract the zip file to “\Documents\My Games\Starfield\”
or if using Bakas “Disable MyGames folder” extract it to your “Data” folder where Starfield is installed.
If you don’t already have done so, please make a “StarfieldCustom.ini” or edit if it already exist in “\Documents\My Games\Starfield\” folder with the following:


Crozzbow and ShootTheGringo

Download mod

File File size
zip Boba Fett 1313-1-0 156 MB
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