MAZ traffic pack 1.49

MAZ traffic pack 1.43

Mod adds to traffic different MAZ trucks:
MAZ 53371
MAZ 5551
MAZ 503A
MAZ 5549
MAZ 5334
MAZ 5336 with trailer MAZ 8378
MAZ 53371 with trailer MAZ 8926
Compatible with other traffic mods.
Works on any maps.
For game version 1.49.x
Included two versions: for Russian maps (allowed only on Russian maps) and for all other maps (allowed everywhere).
There should be two files in the mod folder:
MAZ_traffic_pack_def_for_non_russian_maps.scs car (appears in all countries)
MAZ_traffic_pack_def_for_russian_maps.scs the car (appears only in the CIS countries)

Changes: adapted for patch 1.49, added new countries from Balkan DLC and some maps


Andrey, Trafficmaniac

3.3/5 - (7 votes)

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