Real Traffic Density and Ratio 1.33.f

Forget about fake uploads for traffic density. here is my adaptation of my mod for 1.33. It was updated for a while on steam an scs forum.
however as there are some crashes in ETS2 I had to be sure that these are not caused by my mod.

The following parameters are implemented:

– from 4:00 to 10:00 and from 15:00 to 20:00 the density changes
every half hour, from 10 to 15 and from 20600 to 4:00 each hour;
– high density in the morning and in the afternoon with the subsequent gradual
decrease by the evening. Peak flow occurs at 8:30 and 17:00;
– High density on motorways during the day and reasonable intensity at night with a minimum at 02: 00-03: 00;
– relatively high density on local roads, variable frequency allows you to easily overtake;
– Proportional ratio of transp. means;
– very low traffic density on local roads at night;
– improved cycle of traffic lights at all intersections (two types of cycle);
– Up to 3 seconds the duration of the yellow after the green is increased in order to avoid emergencies;
– The duration of yellow after red is reduced to 1 second (be careful!);
– the cycle of work of traffic lights on road works is changed, red burns for 12 seconds.

It is recommended to place density and intensity modes in priority with respect to cards and traffic packs.

– fixed speed indication error in the navigator;
– the number of vehicles with illumination turned on in bad weather was increased
– the density and intensity values were changed during the day;
– Added a new rule that allows some cars to move faster than the speed limit;
– Removed several obsolete rules;
– Added personalized daily density limits for slow vehicles;
– increase the speed of default trucks for more frequent overtaking;
– increase / decrease the speed of traffic cars to create a visible discrepancy
between different cars (some older models of cars are slower going).
– reduced the frequency of cars and trucks in cities;
– urban transport was removed from local roads;
– edited car coloring;
– Traffic was removed from country roads (except for agricultural transport);
– Slow transport vehicles on highways and in cities have been removed.


It is recommended to connect the density mode to the SFP pack,
it contains changes in the tractor and combine files.
Priority over traffic packets is also desirable.


Since 1.30, SCS has given to us a brand new traffic system, which has introduced a lot of new
options to build a nice realistic traffic. Following a beta version that some of you have tested already
(thank you by the way for you outputs in my old thread viewtopic.php?f=177&t=228339),
I share with you my updated my mod in which I have kept the main features of my old traffic mod,
therefore if you wish to know more you may please have a look in the above mentioned link.
I suggest the old thread to remain open only for discussions related to 1.28 game version and below
and start a new thread here. I have also modified the mod’s title and versioning to be in line with game version.
Despite the few bugs in the new traffic system that I hope SCS will solve soon, it has been finally
possible to update to the new traffic system and I have tested many combinations in order to obtain a
realistic density all day long and also to take advantage from the new system with different traffic density
and ratio on each type of roads individually. For example, it is possible now to have more buses in
cities and more trucks on motorways, also more cars at rush hours, and more trucks during the night.

How to use:

– because it contains modified files for tractor and harvester which are also present
in Sound fixes pack by Drive Safely, you should place my mod above Sound fixes pack.
my files contain also the links to the improved sounds by Drive Safely for tractor and harvester.
also be sure you place my mod above any traffic pack and also map mods (if you use any)

Link 2 addon for ProMods, addon for Hungary map



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  1. works nicely thx, even with 3rd party maps i’m using the mario map, now we just need a mod that correctly simulates and adjust DST (daylight saving time) because it should be shorter daylight the further from the equater and vice versa…..and sunset shouldn’t take 2+ hours, lol cheers

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