Real Traffic Density by Cip ETS2 1.50a

Real Traffic Density update 1.33.x

you could consider also increasing g_traffic value, however this command will multiply all numbers and create therefore even smaller differences between day/night of between different type of roads. FPS is also very much affected with g_traffic

Why my Real Traffic Density mod is better than other traffic mods?

Because my mod uses rational spawn numbers according to the game’s limits checked personally in hours of testing; the numbers used at rush hours are +/- the maximum that the game can handle. The density follows real graphic charts the whole day long with peak at rush hours and reduced at night, according also to the type of the road, size of the cities, etc. Correct spawn numbers also offer a correct spawn ratio cars vs trucks vs other types of vehicles, again according to real life

Why my Real Traffic Density mod is an unique traffic mod?

it’s the only traffic mod which added motorcycles, sport and classic cars as separate type of vehicles (available of course if you use these packs). These vehicles will therefore spawn following their rules, regardless the numbers of packs used.

My traffic mod is also the only mod which brings a separate speed class for emergency vehicles and also for motorcycles and sport cars, which will drive with increased speed wherever possible (speed limit is not given by road signs). Other Ai can also break the speed limit at random basis with a certain value, up to 35% of the speed limit. Ai cannot drive faster than their limit set in their files, therefore this rule won’t really apply to trucks but rather for cars which keeps things very realistic

it’s the only traffic mod which managed to keep low traffic and minimal issues on merging to motorways at very good density overal

Other characteristics of my Real Traffic Density mod

– Speed limits for existent Ai vehicles is not affected, my mod only changes speed limits for emergency, motorcycles and sport cars
– Semaphore cycle was improved to match with increased traffic density (yellow duration after green is also increased you don’t need an additional mod for this) from 1.38 1×2 and 2×1 roads have longer green for 2 lanes roads vs the one lane road within the same crossroad
– Slow vehicles can be seen with low density in traffic only in roads with 1×1 lanes and with higher density on country roads
– Classic cars and motorcycles can also be seen on country roads with low density and reduced speed
– Ai can overtake on simple continuous line on 1×1 roads


– Vanilla map and all map DLCs
– MHA Pro Map if higher priority of my mod
– ProMods with recommended addon (to be placed before the Real traffic density in mod list)

for ProMods 2.52 – 2.56:

– All existent Ai traffic packs; additional traffic packs are highly recommended, due to increased density you may want to see more models in traffic, not repetitive
– It does not work with Standalone Romania Map by Alex and with Standalone Hungary Map by Frank/Indian

How to use:

-most important rule: never increase g_traffic value! keep always g_traffic 1 when using this mod!!! you can use a smaller value if you want less traffic but not smaller than 0.5 which in theory will wipe out the type of vehicles with low spawn.

– place my mod above any map mods and other mods that may affect density.
– to use motorcycles, classic and sport as separate vehicles you need to rename their storage files to match with the root from my mod (def/vehicle/traffic_vehicle_type.cip.sii) or be the happy one with full access to all my personal mods
– slow vehicles are allowed on public roads but starting with 1.40 if you do not like the Harvester, place the Traffic mod above my Real Ai sounds and it will only circulate on closed road, or if you want the harvester on public local roads place sounds above traffic mod and will return. the tractor is not influenced by this swap, will show on local roads anyway

Known issues not related to my traffic mod:

– merging on motorway can be sometimes slow (SCS / map mod prefab issues)
– Ai non respecting rules like semaphore (prefab issues)
– areas with no spawn or low spawn (SCS issue)
– game can crash at high traffic density if many traffic pack are used (memory leak not yet confirmed, only in 1.35 and above) this error is generating the following error:

“Failed to assign pool segment “

Why you should use another traffic density mod?

– due to its complexity, my mod is frequently affected by game updates and it may happen to cause game crash if it’s not immediately updated. I offer constant support to my mod, still it might be disturbing to have a game crash and not immediately knowing the cause, or be bothered by many mod updates.
– if you don’t care about a realistic traffic density or about game FPS or frame rate performances and only want to see some more traffic around, but no still you don’t want 10 police cars at once by using g_traffic command

Please note:

– if other mods claims a better performance don’t fall into the fancy description, there is not magic into it, better performance means much less traffic density which also means that is not a realistic traffic mod
– whatever you read about my mods from a certain user from Roextended forum, consider it garbage news, a cheep tentative to discreditate the most subscribed traffic mod on Steam. to check you can alway open the mod files and discover the truth!

your feedback is very valuable therefore discussions can start in the comments sections below. thank you!

P.S. My mods are and will always be for free, however if you appreciate my efforts and want to offer me a beer, I thank you in advance! here is my paypal account:

Traffic options:
– traffic density and intensity changes every 2-3 hours;
– high density in the morning and afternoon, followed by a gradual decrease in the evening. The peak of the stream is at 8:30 and 17:00;
– high density on highways in the afternoon and low at night with a minimum from 00:00;
– relatively high density on local roads, the variable frequency allows you to make overtaking without problems;
– proportional ratio of vehicle types;
– very low traffic density on local roads at night;
– improved traffic lights cycle at all intersections (two types of cycle);
– up to 3 seconds increased the duration of yellow after green in order to avoid accidents;
– the duration of yellow after red has been reduced to 1 sec (be careful!);
– the work cycle of traffic lights on road works has been changed, the red light is on for 12 seconds.

Recommended to place priority with respect to maps and traffic packs.

-tweaked train spawn, there is now minimum 20 seconds between trains (depending on how long are the rails) so enough time to pass barriers
-increased patience parameter to reduce overtaking and minimizing “face to face” encounters
-corrected timing at toll barriers opening
-extincted slow vehicles from cities and motorways (you could see them disappearing when local road ends)
-restored rule for all trucks have trailers (too many truck without trailer by default)
-restored scs timing for deceleration to reduce accidents rates, still can happen more in Germany due to unlimited speed
-restored default values remove forward and backward distance
-reduced overall traffic at night time
-tweaked spawn numbers for motorcycles, doubles, classic and sport cars
-added support for bdf trucks as separate type of vehicles (details on my thread on scs forum)
-added sound for slow vehicles (for those not using Sound fixes pack or my Real Ai traffic sound mod). credits to Drive Safely for Harvester and one Tractor sound.



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  1. Bloke, traffic_ data.sii/max_vehicle_count is in percent. 10000 is read by the game as cemented 100%. Tho the mod is quite good.

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