Realistic Graphics Mod v 5.0

This mod improves ETS 2 graphics for better realism.


– 70 Realistic skybox textures in 4K resolution
– Realistic light flares & reflection effects
– Realistic & vibrant colors
– Realistic terrain textures
– Realistic rain & thunder sounds
– Realistic raindrop effects(inside of trucks)
– Realistic water textures
– Realistic cloud shadows
– Realistic climate events (fog, wind, rain)

Mod “Realistic Graphics Mod” version 5.0 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v1. 37.x):
— Updated for 1.37. x
– Redesigned flash light
— Improved light ranges
— Improved game graphics
— Added more misty weather and the increased intensity of the fog
— Fixed a problem with gray / matte chrome
— Added the best water and dirt particles
– Fixed a red sky problem that occurs at night
– Removed rain / thunder sounds (ETS 2’s own sounds are now better)
— Added road textures for the old map

v4.0 released. Changelog;
– Now fully compatible with ETS 2’s 1.36 update!
– Adapted textures to DirectX 11.
– Improved quality of all sky textures.
– Improved quality of light flares.
– Improved night graphics and moon visibility.
– Improved visibility of chrome vehicle parts.
– Decreased visibility of vehicle light reflections for daytime.



Tips for users

Tip 1: For more vibrant in-game colours, turn on the “Color Correction” option in the graphic settings.
Tip 2: To disable in-game bloom effect, turn off the “High Dynamic Range” option in the graphic settings.
Tip 3: For high quality skybox and road textures, set “Texture quality: High” in the graphic settings.


Frkn64 Modding, SGate

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