Low deck chassis addon for DAF 2021 by Sogard3 v 1.4 1.48.x

Low deck chassis addon for DAF XG/XG+ by Sogard3 v1.0 1.40

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– The battery is located between the front axle and the fueltank on left side.
– Shorter fueltank on left side due the new battery position(790l).
– Shorter fueltank on right side(525l).
– Different size on exhaust system.
– Different position of rear fenders.
– Shorter mudflaps on front and rear axle.
– Lower 5th wheel position.
– Raised spoilers for cabins.
– Different rear suspension.
– Shorter chassis behind the 5th wheel.
– Added XF chassis.
– Reworked XG/XG+ chassis.
– Added 690+400L fueltanks for XF chassis.
– Added 690+525L fueltanks for XF chassis.
– Added 720+400L fueltanks for XG/XG+ chassis.
– Added 720+525L fueltanks for XG/XG+ chassis.
– Added rear fenders with old taillights.
– Added XF short chassis 3,6m WB.
– Added sideskirts (With and without hole for exhaust).
– Added 525+400L fueltanks for XF short chassis.
– Added rear mudflaps with reflective banner.
– Fixed rear mudlfap size.
– Added more fueltank options with accessories on right side.


SCS, Sogard3.

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zip daf_2021_ld_v1.0 3 MB
zip nr_plates 3 MB
zip daf_2021_ld_v1.1 6 MB
zip daf_2021_ld_v1.2 17 MB
zip daf_2021_ld_v1.3 20 MB
zip daf_2021_ld_v1.4 21 MB
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