Scania NG Doll Long Wood Chassis Addon 1.49

Scania NG Doll Long Wood Chassis Addon 1.46

In this mod you will get addon models for SCS Scania R NG, you can combine this mod with Kast or any other mods without any problems.

This mod includes:

– 6×2 chassis
– Doll body with Palfinger crane
– Scania R new cabin roof
– New badge with side stripes

Note: You have to choose the wood cabin first before you can purchase the wood chassis.

-Removed the pink textures
-Updated for 1.49

Changelog 1.48:
-Updated missing textures
-Removed obsolete unused files
-Supported for 1.48


-Updated models
-New icon
-Adaptation for ETS2 1.46.X

Required Mods:

Scania PGRS


SCS, Teklic

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One Comment on “Scania NG Doll Long Wood Chassis Addon 1.49”

  1. doesn#t work properly.. if the chassis is chosen the game crashes..
    i tried it on different places in the modmanager but always the same

    good wood be if there is tutorial or description where it should be in the modmanager

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