Sequential Turn Signal Mod for Next Gen Scania v 5.3 1.48.5

Sequential Turn Signal mod v1.0

Animated turn signals for Scania NG 2016
Animation works from the front and back
Improved daylight
Added colored running lights
Compatible with Scania R/S 2016 from SCS

For version 1.48.x

1. Add Daytime Running Light [Blue, White, Orange]
2. Remake Eyebrows
3. Add Custom Headlights
4. Support for custom bumpers [Griffin DLC]
5. Change of blinker speed

It’s a translation, so I’m sure there are some funny things about it.
This MOD changes to a flowing turn signal. It also includes an improved taillight flare
It’s not very high quality, but I did add eyebrows.
For low-end PCs, FPS may drop when the light is turned on.
Recommended settings
“It is recommended to turn off the “bloom” in the console or something like that”
uset g_bloom “0”.



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