Venus Scania NG Parts v 1.2.3 1.49

Venus Scania NG Parts v1.0 1.49

For Scania NG S&R series only!
normal and hightop cabs

Comes with:

-Stone guard
-Bumper lip for low bumper
-Dirt deflectors
-Side Skirts with or without side pipes
-Side bars
-Twin Stacks
-Sun shield

Templates included

Changelogs 1.2.3

PATCHED: missings lights, toolbox locks and toolbox bars

Changelogs 1.2.2

-Windows deflectors have been moved to side mirror
-Toolbox exhaust stacks added
-A few materials, textures and models have be remodeled or adjusted
-New lightbox added
-Roof deflector added with slots
-Side deflectors added with slots

Changelogs 1.2.1

-New front fenders that supports door step reverse light.
-black diamond plated chassis covers for 6×2, 6×2/4 & 4×2
-light bar for back of cab for Scania r
-rear bumper
-rear mudflap
-painted & all black door steps

Changelogs 1.2

-Lights for rear of the cab/ or exhaust stacks
-New fender added, suitable for dual axle chassis.
-Side pipe sideskirts, can chose to have the pipe on the left or the right side of vehicle.
-Front fender extension added.
-window deflectors added.

Changelogs 1.1

-Added 6 more sidekirts (left/right)
-Added 3 window trims



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