Xantrios Signs Pack v 2.0

New Signs:

– Oversize Warning-Signs (3 Sizes)
– New “Convoi Exceptionnel”-Signs (2 Versions)
– “Bred Last”-Sign (2 Versions)
– New “TIR”-Sign
– Hazard/ADR (blank) Sign

All (new) Signs have real Dimensions, a H-bracket and are available in 2 Layouts (Clean and “Used look” (marked with (Dirt) at the Shop)).
(More Signs coming with the next Update / Sign-Requests are welcome)

I also try to find a way for a better Compatibility with the Standard SCS Bars/Grills.

!Important Update/Bugfix Note!

I fixed some Errors with other Mods.
Due to this Bugfix you have to check your Sign-Setup after the Update/Bugfix.
Sorry for the “Trouble”.

!Important Information!

Not all Signs in this standalone Pack are made by me (Xantrios).
Signs from other Modders are marked with – (Modder Name) – (eg. (ohaha)) @ the Shop.

I put them together in a standalone Pack and made them available on any (Standard) Roof-, Bull-/Front- and Bottom-/Low-Bar (it depends on you and your imagination where you use the signs).

All Rights remain reserved for the respective Owner.



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