Konstantinidis Open Pipe V8 v1.50

Konstantinidis Open Pipe V8 v1.50


Real sounds of R950 Konstantinidis
Four types of air brake sound
Air Gear
Automatic ‘ventil’ sound when you release gas pedal at low RPM
Three types of cabin horn – vabis, whistle and seger
Four types of original bov (blow off valve) sound
Retarder from MB Travego
Custom jake brake
Interior button sounds
Realistic engine choices
Convoy mode support

Compatible with: Scania RJL, Eugene’s Scania NG, BC – Man TGX 2020 – RJL T & T4 Series

23 May – Changelog

Improved exhaust samples and added new one
Blow off valve sounds RPM timer changed
Third air brake sound improved
Added new reverse sound
Changed stick blinker and blinker sounds to original scania
Added lane assistant warning sounds (please give me feedback about that.)
Improved interior equalizer for better quality


M. Yıldız

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