Scania MegaMod 1.45

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Here’s another best and latest CyrusTheVirus Mod ScaniaMegamod aka Scania PGR-range that includes Scania R-series,Scania G-Series,Scania P-Series and Scania 4-Series

Added windows animation in all Scania
Fixed bugged mirrors(side,front and main)
Fixed outdated lights
Fixed GPS
Own sound(Open pipe sound)
Game log super clean
DLC ready


Fixed the light
Fixed indicators
Fixed lowering of the window
The sound signal has been changed
Updated the DC11,DC13 and DSC14 engine sounds

Updated to 1.49.x.
Added openable windows.
Added support for metallic paints.
Corrected lights.
Def files updated.
3D models revised & corrected.
A lot of chassis (few only with certain cabins & engines).
A lot of cabins (few only with certains chassis).
Liftable & steerable axles corrected.
Improved compatibility with other mods.
Deleted innecesary files.
SiSL Megapack addon INCLUDED and updated.
You need SiS’L megapack to have all the cabin accessories available.
Clean gamelog.


Author:CyrusTheVirus, Playtruckcool, TheGreatJoe, Matgamer Chudy, Ahaneim, Fenix, Kosolap, VINZEL, RusPowErs, DankeHuj.

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One Comment on “SCANIA MEGAMOD ETS2 v5.0 1.50.X”

  1. Je ne trouve aucun mod truck cartransporter compatible,pour 1.49, tous font planter le jeu.

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