BPW Eco Low Bed Trailer Wheels v 1.1

BPW Eco Low Bed Trailer Wheels v1.1

This mod is replacing trailer wheels on low bed trailers.
It’s just a visual mod, it doesn’t affect trailer physics or anything else
Wheels are extracted from RoadHunters trailer packs (with his permission).
Tires changed to Continental HTL2, which are used on real trailers.

Convoy Optional mod compatible
Compatible with DLC High Power Cargo Pack, Heavy Transport Pack, Special Transport Pack and Schwarzmüller Trailer Pack (but not required)
Compatible with Steerable & liftable axles for 3-axle lowbed trailer
Compatible with Steerable Axles for Lowbed Trailer from Harven

Now as Optional mod for Convoys



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zip ecoover 1 MB
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