MB AeroDynamic Trailer v 2.0 1.48

MB AeroDynamic Trailer v1.0 by AM

MB AeroDynamic Trailer v1.0 by AM

A Concept Aerodynamic Trailer
Work on ETS2 1.48.x


JUST in Ownable Trailer
Nice and LowPoly Model
A lot of Accessory
5 Variant (Plastic, Paint, Chrome, DarkChrome & Carbon)
Scania and Mercedes Variant
Brace Animation
Trailer Cables
Full AO (2K)
Correct Collision and Shadow
No FPS Drop
Clean Log

SCS Forum Topic: https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=268003


Amir Mahdavi (AM), Mehdi Anti, Sagittariusjr, SCS Software

3.5/5 - (10 votes)
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One Comment on “MB AeroDynamic Trailer v 2.0 1.48”

  1. Hi
    I downloaded MB AeroDynamic trailer and installed in my ATS MODs folder. It worked perfectly, looking so beautiful. I used it as my best trailer for my Mack Anthem Midnight that I painted white until I realized that it was the reason why I could not customize my trucks at the mechanics or when I try to buy a new truck.
    Please, kindly work on bug fixes to make it better. I really love that trailer.
    Thank You

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