Military Cargo Pack by Jazzycat v 6.7.5

Pack adds in game over 222 military cargo.
New cargo added to 74 companies for Default Map, all official DLC’s, Rus Map, EAA Map.
All standalone.
Works on any map.
For version 1.50.x
Compatible with all my packs.
Included english and russian versions.
For english version you must have in mod folder two files:
If you’re a military maniac you can put in mod folder traffic file

Version 6.7.5 – mod repacked with HashFS v2 format (FPS increase), removed unnecessary files



2.5/5 - (50 votes)

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7z military_cargo_pack_by_Jazzycat_v6.7.5 427 MB
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13 Comments on “Military Cargo Pack by Jazzycat v 6.7.5”

  1. Why does this have ruzzian war symbols on them? Do you support the invasion of Ukraine and the ruzzian nazi killing of Ukrainians on Ukrainian soil?

    1. Писать научись ГРАМОТЕЙ, потом пиши. Укропы сами начали эту войну, не вякай

  2. Where do I find the 132 nuclear missile? Played for 2 days and not one in site… Checked everywhere and can’t even see the trailer it uses, thanks in advance.

  3. Man, this mod is too top, but it doesn’t make it compatible to play multiplayer on SCS. See this possibility of playing multiplayer, when placed in the players mode folder, the multiplayer informs that the mod does not exist on the server, ok? It cost….

  4. Cara, esse mod e top demais, porém não compatibiliza para jogar multiplayer no SCS . Veja essa possibilidade de se jogar multiplayer, quando colocado na pasta modo dos jogadores, o multiplayer informa que o mod não existe no servidor, ok? Valeu….

  5. Where can I find the?

  6. Can’t find any military loads. Base and Eng in my mods folder. Does it need a version update? Thanks looks like great work, would love to haul a few of these.

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