Cargoes – Concrete Pipes 1.45

Trailer Concrete Pipes v1.0 1.34.x

For 1.45

Changelog v1.3

Adaptation to Patch 1.41.x
Fixed 3D objects
Fixed materials files
Changed files of registration
Fixed missing shadow on parking markers

Info about ETS2 [Trailer] Concrete Pipes (NP4):

Trailer: SCS Software
Cargo: SASq

Two cargo versions clear and dirty.
Mass of all: 28680kg (almost 29t)
Mass: 9560kg
Diameter: 2.4m (radius 1.2m)
Long: 2.5m

What mean NP4?
Non Pressure pipe with wall thickness 4

NOTE1: Maybe you need to rest several times
before you can see the “5.5m Gear” in jobs list.

NOTE2: You can find the trailer in game trailers reviews:
section: “Semi Lowloader with Drop Deck”
cargo: “Concrete Pipes (NP4)”
cargo: “Concrete Pipes (NP4) Dirty”

Cargo is standalone.
Normal cargo jobs.


Trailer: SCS Software
Cargo: SASq

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