Trailer Kassbohrer fix 1.39

Trailer Kassbohrer fix 1.39

Made this trailer ownable.
Download little mod here and put it above the trailer in the mod manager:

There are some bugs like incorrect wheel position after customizing, so I made each basic skin in the market, just choose what you need and don’t customize the trailer.

If you want custom skins for the ownable version:
1) Install your skin
2) Go to def/vehicle/trailer_owned/kassbohrer/paint_job
3) Duplicate any file except default.sii
4) Make a custom name for your skin in the line 3: “accessory_paint_job_data : [skin name].kassbohrer.paint_job”
5) Change the name, but it’s not necessary
6) Define your skin in the line 10: “paint_job_mask: “/vehicle/trailer_eu/company/[skin name].tobj”
7) Go to def/vehicle/trailer_dealer/kassbohrer
8) Duplicate any file except kassbohrer.sii
9) Change line 31: “data_path: “/def/vehicle/trailer_owned/kassbohrer/paint_job/[skin file name].sii” – here goes your skin file name your gave in that directory
10) Done! Go to the market and find the trailer with your custom skin



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