Big Pack of Trucks and Trailers v 10 – 1.46

Big Pack of Trucks and Trailers v9.0 - 1.46

Adds a large pack of trailers and a truck from different authors to the game

Mod features:

Fixed all errors in the log and which are associated with the pack!!!
American trucks and a couple of trailers have been added!!!
In general, at the moment there are 40 trucks in the pack + various chassis modifications + cabins (exterior) with modifications there will be about 100 trucks!!!
In general, at the moment there are 48 trailers in the pack + various modifications – chassis + bodies (exterior) with modifications there will be about 100 trailers !!!


Unpack the archive, drop it into the mod folder and read the installation instructions


By the way, yes, the BASIC Big mod pack 10 will already consist of 10 files! I had to add one more file with all the processing and edits so as not to load reading files for the game!

Replenishment in the pack! 2 pcs of BDF trailer for Lawn Next and Kamaz Continent!

Fixed a jamb on Maz 504,515!!! When the light was turned on, the logo of the steering wheel was illuminated – the steering wheel and pedal stand – FIXED!



Partial cleaning of ACCESSORIES from trash!

Repaired the dashboard On Fred classic where the black spot is rectangular instead of the plate! The plate is already in place!

Raised the prices for deliveries of diesel fuel-Modular trailers, Raised the prices for the transportation of Coal, crushed stone, sand and what else belongs to this category, except for the rest of the shavings and something else for dump trucks, loads new from the SCS, Raised the prices for Gas ADR transportation of mod trailers !

REMOVED AIPAD NAVIGATOR-does not work in all salons !!!

Increased the cost of fuel in Russia at gas stations now costs 58.60 rubles per 1 liter and in Kazakhstan Now costs 40.36 rubles per 1 liter

Repaired side windows and upper doors and torpedo tidy from light in Fred argosy!

Repaired the muzzle of the Iveco Strator! Now, when braking, all accessories and lights, etc., everything connected with the muzzle is single and does not merge as before through the textures of the muzzle!

Replenishment for two trailers, two bodies from MAZ 5440 were added! And I registered all the wheels, etc. from this MAZ 5440 for these 2 trailers with bodies!

Lights on the windshields and side windows have been removed! It remains to partially fix it in America!

Removed highlights on the mirrors partially where it was necessary!

I rewrote the engines for OFF-ROAD trucks! The parameters were taken from 640 mares of the engine and the type was signed under Severe Russia! Xs then you need to test it on the mountains with loads as the ENGINE will show itself!

He prescribed the engines of 800 mares for those trucks to the Americans that cost from 4 million!

Added navigators for Mercedes ck and SISU old!

Rewrote the dimensions of the BDF trailers length!

Fixed accessory on KAMAZ 65207 – Dash mount on torpedo!

Replaced all accessories navigators that were with light – which glowed brightly some on Tomt, some were replaced with another navigator !!! Some were removed, etc.! Applies only to mounted navigators !!!

Added new mounts for 120 fred!

The dimensions of the trailers have been changed. The length in the window menu! The length of the trailers has been adjusted closer to the real thing! Write about the mistakes you find!!!

Download All parts [ALL MANDATORY !!!]



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  1. Quisiera poder ver un video de todos los vehículos que hay en el mod porque no puedo descargarlo por mi conexión

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