Fiat 690 by Josvanni 1.49x

Fiat 690 by Josvanni 1.47

A mod with great attention to detail, includes a cabin and three internal models, has right and left drive, I revolutionized the interior by adapting them to the original model, it had two chassis, a 6×2 3-axle and an 8×2 4-axle, I added a third 8×2 chassis with a concrete mixer animated.

Every single piece has its own template so it’s all skinnable to your liking.

Includes 2 semi-trailer trailers and bdf also by Josvanni.

I have inserted a folder with skin tests in paintjob that will be useful for skinning, you will find a folder with explanations for making skins, I think it is understandable.


Stock Cabin
6×2, 8×2/cement mixer
2 Engines
2 Transmissions
3 Interiors + UK
Tuning and accessories
Includes 2 semi-trailer trailers and bdf


Mod is updated to 1.48x
Fixed some errors added third axle to trailer bdf.


Josvanni, Antonio62

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File File size
rar Fiat_690_Josvanni_v1.1 198 MB
rar TRAILER_Fiat_690_1.49 66 MB
zip Fiat_690_Josvanni_1.49 150 MB
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