KamAZ 43101 Army ETS2 1.46.x

KamAZ 43101 Army ETS2 1.43.x

Autonomous, does not replace anything, a KamAZ modification is bought from dealers.
Support for DLC Cabin Accessories, there are additions from STEAM.
There is a mini tuning.
Chassis: 6×6 Tandem [Military Type].
It has its own BDF Tandem [Army type] – it is bought in trailer modifications – SZAP.
There are high-quality sounds of KamAZ engines – 3 types.
There is a high-quality sound of the YaMZ-238 engine.
5 wiper modes.
Own salon, camera and new wheels added.
Animation of windows is present – but only in the interior.
Working spiral cables with advanced physics.

Last changes:

Converted and rewritten the entire model. (SCS Blender Tools)
Full multiplayer support included.
Updated GPS navigation and on-board computer.
Fixed outdoor lighting.
Engines reworked.
Added new types of transmissions.
Outside, the dirt was removed from the glass.
The mod has been optimized, unnecessary garbage has been removed!
Fixed in-game log to be 100% clean.

Test on ETS2 version:


Author : Nikola_Donbass.
Authors of some used 3D models: Stas556, Vita1980.
Author of adaptation: MaxX_AGENT.

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