Kamaz 5490 Neo / 65206 1.45.x

Kamaz 5490 Neo/65206 1.36

Model of the Russian mainline truck KAMAZ 5490 Neo and 65206
The model has its own interior,
its own original sounds,
a small variable tuning,
and its own on-Board computer

Changes 29.07.2021:
The adaptation for the new versions was carried out, the problem related to the headlights was fixed, other fixes were made.

Update 16.11.20 – restored sounds, added animation of Windows

Update for 1.39
Remaining sounds restored.

Mod adapted for beta patch 1.38.0. x
(unofficial update 2)

– Some pmg files have been converted to current versions.
– Made changes to the sounds of some indicators, switches and engines.
– Added (returned) Daimler OM 457LA.v/4 engine (428 HP)
– Added KAMAZ-740.73-400 engine (400 HP)
– Other minor edits and corrections.

Tested on beta patches
on patch 1.37. x-the mod WAS not tested! There may be problems with sounds.

From unresolved: still no animation for opening / closing side Windows. The sound (sound effect) is there, but the animation itself is not.

The mod is adapted for patch 1.37, with its new sound system (FMOD).
(unofficial update)

Fixed mat files, textures, fixed errors in registration, in the logic of the mod, and so on.
=Added new transmissions (gearbox):
-ZF 12 AS 2130
-ZF 16 S 2221,
updated previous ones:
-G 211-12 PowerShift2
– PowerShift G230-12.

=Replaced the only Ahog-ova engine (OM 457) with two new ones:
– OM 501LA BluTec 5 under 4×2 chassis
– OM 470 Euro VI under 6×4 chassis
all with the appropriate sound sets, in the FMOD standard.

=Adjusted the weight (and physics) of the truck to match the complete set of the chassis.

If desired, you can assemble any set of available items: chassis+engine+gearbox+cab.

=The truck is registered in the dealer cent of Mercedes-Benz – now you can buy it in different ways:
-by visiting the dealer in person,
-and (or) remotely via the “modification Brands” menu.

=Updated and expanded completeness when working with Agency orders (Quick Job)

From unresolved-there is no animation for opening/closing side Windows. The sound (sound effect) is there, but the animation itself is not.

The log is clear.

author of the adaptation: dobr4060

Update from 02/05/20:
– Changed the geometry of the front bumper, headlights, fenders,
– improved textures,
– bugs fixed
– nameplates are fixed (now each cabin has its own nameplate, where the nameplate M is the High cabin, the nameplate T is the Low cabin),
– improved running lights,
– added new paints,
– optimization is slightly tightened,
– other model improvements

Update: -Fixed holes in the cockpit(fix of 3d model)
– Fixed flickering texture of the steering wheel and shelves in the interior
– Fixed collision of truck

– Fixed cabin (fixed holes, flickering textures, cracks, etc.)
– Fixed rubber position on KAMAZ wheels
– Adjusted the position of the rear wings
– Removed a large amount of garbage

V2 Nikola edit
– Window animation support
– Correction of compatibility errors with DirectX11. Restored full support for skins.
– Updated definition for current game patches.
– Fully clear log! Work without errors & bugs.


Max_Dmitriev, SimKA, Jon_Ruda, EVR Studios, Piva, Alex Budaev

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