MAN F2000 BDF Exclusive Chassis v 1.5.7 1.50

MAN F2000 BDF Exclusive Chassis v1.1 1.47


-Add a Sidebumper, with Slots as Separat Part unter Sideskirts
-Add a second Rearbumper with Slots
-At the Rear Bumper the Option
-4 Mudflap Variants for this Truck (Black, Exclusive, Brummifreunde, and an Template)

Load Order:

BDF Exclusive
Sebastian7870 his Mods for SwapBodys

Changelogs 1.5.7

-Compatibility for 1.50

Changelogs 1.5.6

-Fixed missing texture base errors
-Compatibility for 1.49


– Old roof spoiler for the flat roof driver’s cab
– Update for the swap bodies from the Sebastian7870 including charging
– Added engines of all power classes for the F2000
– HS-Schoch ramming bars in chrome and color optionally with 50 slots for lamps etc pp


KieskutscherEF, xbs

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  1. почему неотображаются будки их просто нет

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