Man TGX 2020 1.44

Man TGX 2020 v1.0 1.37/1.38

MAN 2020 1.44x Several chassis. Various options. Glass animations. own sound.

High-quality 3D model
High-quality detailed exterior
Qualitatively detailed interior
High-quality wheels and 3D tires
High-quality mirror reflection
Correct position of the license plate
Own wheels
Own sound
Own interior
The model has an animated suspension
Illumination of the speedometer and tachometer arrows
The character is sitting correctly in the driver’s seat
Engine power selection
Selection of transmission and transmission
Wheel configuration selection
Body color selection/metallic paint/skin options
Correct position of the MAN logo
Working lights, brake lights, taillights, front and rear turn signals, steering wheel and reverse signals;
There is an external tuning
Supports DLC salon accessories and DLC national flags
Supports all the main functions of the game
You can buy from a MAN dealer

Changes: adaptation for patch 1.44.x


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File File size
rar HBB_MAN_TGX_2020_2.5_1.39x 125 MB
zip MAN_TGX_2020_1.39 75 MB
zip HBB_TGX_2020_1.43_last 274 MB
rar MAN_TGX_2020_1_44 249 MB
7z MAN_TGX_2020_1.44 88 MB
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4 Comments on “Man TGX 2020 1.44”

  1. sehr schön ist aber zu highpolyg könnte man dieses verbesser zwecks fps und blinker sound hinzu fügen , endlich mal einer der ne hupe hat

  2. hallo, ich hatte schon mal angefragt, könnt ihr die oberen Fender hinten wählbar machen.
    es würden bestimmt einige gerne mit offenen Kotflügeln fahren.

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