MAZ 6422m 1.48 – 1.49

MAZ 6422m v3.3

change: V

Fixed windshield wipers animation and their work with water removal.
Improved truck braking system (no stiffness)
Improved handling – it’s power steering and suspension.
Improved truck lighting at near and far distances.
Removed steering wheel conflict with another truck MAZ 6422_(1981).
In EXTERIOR, the display of the windshield and side windows, which were not visible, has been improved.
Improved display of the dashboard in the interior + added clarity of dashboard details.
Fixed work of GPS navigation and on-board computer + glare defect removed.
Added 5 types (FMOD) sounds and 5 types of engines.
From now on, MAZ sounds are now divided into 2 categories: V6 and V8
The characteristics of the gearboxes of 650HP and 710HP engines have been changed to REAL data.
Gearshift sounds present.
Fixed in dealer, company and truck gallery.
Supports multiplayer with Convoy mode.
Fixed error and warning log to be 100% clean.
The mod is fully optimized and ready to play!

Fixed GPS navigator,
Editing mat files,
Adaptation for version 1.48 – 1.49


Updated for version 1.43
Removed defect with wipers
Added window animation (but only from the driver’s side)

– Standalone (Separate slot)
– Purchase at MAN showrooms
– Registered in the orders of agencies (Phantom94)
– 1 cabin
– 1 chassis
– 11 engines (2 TMZ, 9 YaMZ)
– One gearbox for each engine
– Own salon
– Own sounds
– Own wheels (2 options)
– Painted
– Lots of outdoor tuning
– Fixed collision of the truck (it rested on the trailer and could not drive under it) Phantom94

My changes:

– Replaced all sound with a new one
– Registered a new camera
– Full support for “DLC Cabin Accessories” and “National Window Flags”!



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