MERCEDES BENZ 1113 – 1518 1.49/1.50

MERCEDES BENZ 1113 – 1518 1.40

You may have already heard of the classic truck. Following its successor the 1111L which comes from Brinde with our Map. See and drive this legend that includes chassis variants, engines from weak to powerful and even a transmission option. Large variety of customized trailers including dry cargo to generate freight in the game. Cabin with a considerable variety of customization options and its incredible detailed engine roar.

Only here at Rotas Brasil can you simulate this beautiful Mercedes model in its 1113 and 1518 versions. You can also have the feeling of driving this brute from the history of Brazil and the world. We at Rotas Brasil created this beautiful and iconic truck with the greatest realism, so that you have the best feeling when starting up and feeling its unique performance.



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rar MERCEDES_BENZ_1113_-_1518_v1.40 522 MB
zip Pack_Veculos_02_BRINDE_1.49_v2 587 MB
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