Renault Magnum Updates v 22.3.3 1.50

Renault Magnum Updates final fix 1.39

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This is a complete redesign of the standard Renault Magnum. There are many chassis and tuning options. Support for the Signs On Your Truck mod. All previous versions of this mod, as well as all fixes to them, should be deleted! Place the magnum_updates_v22.3.3.scs file in the mod folder. The fix for SSL MegaPack support is magnum_updates_v22.2_smp33addon.scs. The Scandinavian version of the Coolliner has been added. Now all tandem trailers, including the Scandinavian Coolliner, are tied to the default cargo! – Model and texture edits; – Bugfixes and edits; – Added support for cables; – BDF trailers are now available for purchase.


adaptation to version 1.48
added backlight to dashboard, navigators, phones
added improved versions of the cellphone and cellphone with GPS, on the dashboard and on the windshield
added an extended version of the slots on the dashboard (more slots across the cabin)
added an extended sun shield with slots
added slot for accessories at the bottom of the windshield
added tray for license plates
shutters now in two versions – opened and closed
updated Magnums in companies and in truck dealer
added windows animation


Author by: Knox_xss
Hard_Chebur – interior decoration
dmitry68 – dashboard animation
Flemming V – basic models of booths and trailers for BDF
DANZ – flashing beacons, signs and signs
oq37 – pennants
kuba141 – on-board computer
50keda – the basic model of the navigator
SCS Software – The Magnum Base Model

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