Scania Illegal S v 2.0 by Carls1309 1.40

Scania Illegal S v1.0 by Carls1309 1.39.x

I bring new mod
How could it be otherwise, An Illegal. jjj
I hope you like it.
Next updates with more things.
Please do not re-upload, keep the download link
Any failure you see tell me to fix it.
Inside the zip there is a def folder with the sounds of the game, if you don’t like the one I have put in it, simply copy the def folder inside the mod and delete the sound folder that you have now.
Thanks to:
Me jjj
50 keda, some accesories.
Sound: Japheth Rasta.Jr, Aeronildo
Secuencial Blinkers: Daiya

Changelog v2.0 from 10.04.21:
Some visual and lighting fixes.
Added some accessories that were missing from the dlcs

Changelog v2.0:
Update to version of Ets2.
Added UK store
Added missing accessories in paintjobs
New chassis
New long cabins
New accessories
Full compatibility with all dlcs

Link 2 DLC Compability



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  1. This mod has taken the NG series truck and turned it into a monster. I have mine configured to over 1300hp, 5 axle, 8 wheel drive with a stretched cab, it’s a beast. Well done it’s awesome.

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