Scania Next Generation P220 v9.0 1.50

Scania Next Generation P220 v9.0 1.50

Included in the truck:

-1 original NextGen DayCab
-Five chassis options!!! 2 chassis with LNG Scania Green Power equipment
-Its own wheels are included (2 options for front wheels, 2 options for rear wheels. 1 tire options)
-Original DayCab interior with full exterior & interior animation and original dashboard computer
-One DC7 220 Euro 6 engine.
-One Opticruise GRS 905R transmission.
-Own real recorded sound by Bimo Saputro & EVR.
-Full skinnable, 4K templates include.
-2 variants of bodies for transportation of various cargoes.
-25 own invisible cargoes with own logistics.
-Country license plates, 23 options.
-Big HQ 4K real retail and post companies skin pack by Bogdan Romanchuk & Andrey Mikhaylov
-Full DLC cabin Accessories compatible 7 compatible addons for SISL’s & Wolly Accessories Packs.
-Headlight protection.
-Air horns on roof.
-A set of own accessories for external and internal tuning.
-Interior light.
-Own flarepack.


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