Scania R 2012 Streamline 2014 1.45

Scania R 2012 Streamline 2014 1.45


* Fueltanks for all Variants (Euro 5 and Euro 6)
* Headlights in HQ (H7, Streamline (Xenon), H4 – also in Yellow Color)
* Sideskirts for all Chassis Types
* Custom Backbumpers
* Custom R 500 Sneepels Parts (Frontbumper, Sideskirts, Backbumper, Chassis Cover, Airbar)
* full Interior Customization (Dashboard Panels, Backwall, Sidewall, Top)
* 2 Custom Interiors from
(TVX from Belgium and Gary Harries from UK)
* a lot of other Tuning Parts


This is a very High Detailed Model
The lowest Hardware it has been tested was an fx 6300 with a 750Ti


SCS, fr

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